A dependable plumbing system

We offer complete solutions. Our systems are designed to meet the highest requirements in safety, comfort and ease of installation. Our strict quality control system complements our now-how and with the latest technology we use, you can be assured that our first class product is your most reliable and dependable choice.

SuperPipe is hygienic and totally safe for potable water systems and foodstuffs. It is also a perfect choice for heating systems, radiator connection, air conditioning and underfloor Heating/cooling systems. But it does not end here. Due to its structure and properties, SuperPipe is universally applicable for industries and hospitals as well. SuperPipe is gas tight, highly resistant to chemicals and performs well at subzero temperatures, making it ideally suitable for industries such as the shipbuilding or aerospace. In fact almost anywhere where durability, light weight and resistance to vibration are a vital requirement. Compressed air supply lines are, for example, one of the primary applications of SuperPipe in industries.

Also, because the water, fluid or gases passing through it are not contaminated by metal of the pipe, its use in hospitals, laboratories and controlled environments is greatly enhanced.
Whether for a villa, a hotel or a skyscraper, SuperPipe reduces total cost of ownership through vitually elimination of maintenance costs.
We deliver complete systems that work reliably. SuperPipe is a universal piping system to make it the intelligent choice for YOUR application.

A dependable service

We believe that your satisfaction is the key to our success. This is why quality service is always included in SuperPipe quality products. We provide assistance from the project planning stage to the final completion phase. Our technical support team provides you with the support you expect for a highclass product.
Our services include: BOQ and cost estimation, consultancy for your specific requirements, training of the installers, onsite advice and field service visits.
We have also a very efficient order processing system, a value for example when you have an urgent need for a fitting.