Special Applications

A Reliable Plumbing System

We offer complete solutions. Our systems are designed to meet the highest requirements in safety, comfort and ease of installation. SUPERPIPE ensures strict compliance to the highest international standards and quality control regulations utilizing the latest technology trends to deliver a reliable, dependable and most durable plumbing system.

Choose SUPERPIPE confidently for your potable water systems, chilled water applications, water desalination plants, heating systems, HVAC, radiator connection, and underfloor cooling/heating systems projects by resting assured that our pipes are 100% safe and hygienic. Being durable, lightweight, noise-proof and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures from -40⁰C to +110⁰C, our pipes are ideal for special purposes such as shipbuilding industry as well as compressed air supply lines.

A Reliable Service

SUPERPIPE excels in customer service. The quality service we offer is our key differentiator in the industry. We provide assistance from the project planning stage to the final completion phase. Our technical support-team work hand-in-hand with the customers to deliver high-class piping experience and ensure your project is a success. Our services include: BOQ and cost estimation, consultancy for your specific requirements, training of the installers, onsite advice and field service visits.